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Monday, March 1, 2010

Radicant Questions

1) How does Richard Long's legacy play into the historical background of the journey aesthetics?

2) Is our current state realized (as described as Cota: Revocable Aesthetics, p.104) by all? Does this matter? Is it generational?

3) Bourriaud seems to support his theory through examples of art, and references/descriptions of social and political theory. Is it relevant to question his lack of reliance on describing how our world is acting this way through real life examples, like events, the prevalence/impact of how we experience media, etc.?

4) If people view and believe that history as presented is true then doesn't that make them connected to/rooted to a past that is not as transient as Bourriaud describes? Is their link to history real even if it is fictional? On page 107 Bourriaud qwotes Pierre Hughe who said, "fiction is a means of capturing the real."

5) Are items "informed" by their journey if we do not know what their journey was? (p.127)

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