(created and updated by Daniel Mitchell)

Monday, May 3, 2010

art & audience

1) What is the contemporary role of the viewer in relationship to artwork? How does this/how has this changed?

2) Are there governing rules to how art is/can be viewed?

3) Why do some artists give out their work? How can/does that break from the tradition of art making?

4) How important is the viewer to the maker? Should art be created for a specific audience? For every audience? Is there a rule or a purpose in doing either of these?

5) Does greater interaction with artwork make it less commercially viable? What are the implications of making less commercially viable work?

art and spirituality

1) Is there such as thing as a universal feeling of spirituality? Can an artist present a form that transcends cultures/cultural beliefs?

2) Is it possible for a spiritual artwork to be offensive and contemplative? How does intent interact with perception? What is the role of the material used to create the work?

3) Is contemplative or meditative or ritual or visually stunning art inherently spiritual art?

4) What aspects of society have changed the way that spiritual art is created? Does it speak of a greater or lesser understanding (or perceived understanding) of religion or general spirituality?

5) Are subcultures spiritual or a contemporary form of ritual?